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Student-led projects

Professional Gamer
Using serious games therapeutically

Lead: Hillary Kingman

Can serious games teach people with comorbid trauma and depression the skills to improve their functioning?

Image by Ehimetalor Akhere Unuabona
Addressing missing data in dyadic data analysis

Lead: Olivia Tabaczyk

Can a more comprehensive way of handling missing data improve validity of analyses?

Image by israel palacio
Shocking!  ECT is not what you think

Lead: Haley Raybin

Can a brief online psychoeducation improve attitudes towards ECT?

Digital Nomad
AASARE: Digital intervention for depression in Kannada

Lead: Siri Vivek

Will Kannada speakers use and benefit from an online intervention for symptoms of depression? 

Image by Jon Tyson
Decision-making in depression and ADHD

Lead: Cedi McCorkle

Do depression and ADHD affect decision-making in different ways?

Image by John Schnobrich
Improving engagement in Internet interventions

Lead: Kyle Retzer

Can online interventions be optimized to improve engagement and retention?

Image by May
Conjoint analysis of depression treatment preferences

Lead: Qimin Liu

Can we understand individual preferences for depression treatment using conjoint analysis?

Image by Amr Taha™
Understanding attitudes towards physician assisted suicide

Lead: Kathy Bohac

What are the factors that influence individual's attitudes towards physician assisted suicide?

Gamer with Headphones
Digital intervention preferences among Chinese Americans

Lead: Charlotte Teng

What types of digital interventions would Chinese Americans prefer?

brown brain_edited.jpg
Influence of attention on decision-making

Lead: Kayla Huynh

How does attention affect different types of decisions?

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