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Student-led projects

BetterBET gamification

Lead: Alex Curland

Can adding gamification elements improve adherence and engagement of users of an automated depression intervention?

Image by Tim Johnson
Deal or No Deal Decision-making of former foster youth

Lead: Megan Sullivan

How do individuals recently aged out of the foster care system make choices in a behavior economics game?

Online Class
Psycho-education intervention for Asian Americans

Lead: Kaylin Jones

Can an automated online psychoeducation intervention reduce stigma of mental illness in Asian Americans?

Schoolboy in Uniform
Special K (thru 12): Perceptions of Special Ed students 

Lead: Eunice Magat

Can we improve teachers' impressions of special education students?

Image by Mel Poole
SOS: Structure of Suicidality

Lead: Eric Uhl

Can leading models of suicidality be combined into a hierarchical structure?

Professional Gamer
Using serious games therapeutically

Lead: Hillary Kingman

Can serious games teach people with comorbid trauma and depression the skills to improve their functioning?

Image by israel palacio
Shocking!  ECT is not what you think

Lead: Haley Raybin

Can a brief online psychoeducation improve attitudes towards ECT?

Image by Jon Tyson
Decision-making in depression and ADHD

Lead: Cedi McCorkle

Do depression and ADHD affect decision-making in different ways?

Image by Milad Fakurian
Neuropsychology of depression and ADHD

Lead: Isabelle Wong

Are there differences in neuropsychological test performance between depression and ADHD?

Image by John Schnobrich
Improving engagement in Internet interventions

Lead: Kyle Retzer

Can online interventions be optimized to improve engagement and retention?

Image by May
Conjoint analysis of depression treatment preferences

Lead: Qimin Liu

Can we understand individual preferences for depression treatment using conjoint analysis?

Image by Ehimetalor Akhere Unuabona
Addressing missing data in dyadic data analysis

Lead: Olivia Tabaczyk

Can a more comprehensive way of handling missing data improve validity of analyses?

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