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Past projects

BetterBET gamification

Lead: Alex Curland

Can adding gamification elements improve adherence and engagement of users of an automated depression intervention?

Image by Mel Poole
SOS: Structure of Suicidality

Lead: Eric Uhl

Can leading models of suicidality be combined into a hierarchical structure?
Yes, and the structure is relatively stable across subsamples. 

Online Class
Psycho-education intervention for Asian Americans

Lead: Kaylin Jones

Can an automated online psychoeducation intervention reduce stigma of mental illness in Asian Americans?
Yes, and the more people use the intervention, the greater the reduction in stigma. 

Schoolboy in Uniform
Special K (thru 12): Perceptions of Special Ed students 

Lead: Eunice Magat

Can we improve teachers' impressions of special education students?
Yes, if we present students to the teachers using strength-based language.

Image by Tim Johnson
Deal or No Deal Decision-making of former foster youth

Lead: Megan Sullivan

How do individuals recently aged out of the foster care system make choices in a behavior economics game?
They appear to be have heightened perception of unfairness, and make less adaptive decisions when anxious.

Image by Adi Goldstein
Effect of depression on eyewitness identification

Lead: Jamie Giglio, PhD

Does depression interfere with the ability to make an accurate and confident eyewitness identification? 

For simultaneous line-ups -- yes, along with stress.

Image by Tingey Injury Law Firm
Determination of capacity to stand trial

Lead: Erica Hamlin, PhD

Can an automated guided decision aid help forensic examiners determine perpetrator's capacity to stand trial?

It can help less experienced students feel more confident about their determinations.

MITRE: Microinterventions for Indian-Americans

Lead: Kalpana Sundaram, PhD

Would users prefer culturally adapted and personalized microinterventions for mood management to standard ones?

Yes, they seem to prefer culturally adapted and personalized versions.

Stained Glass Lanterns
Treatment seeking for depression in the Arab region

Lead: Sariah Daouk, PhD

What factors are related to the decision of individuals in the Arab world to seek or forgo treatment for depression?

Theory of Planned Behavior (attitudes, norms, behavioral control) influenced intentions.  But few people seek treatment overall.

Image by Keenan Constance
DAHLIA: Micro-inverventions for sexual assault survivors

Lead: Danni Goodmann, PhD

Can automated micro-interventions help manage distress and improve mood for female sexual assault survivors?

Yes, especially for distress.  

Image by Didssph
Perception of depression treatment of Russians and Americans

Lead: Anna Freedland, PhD

Are there differences in the perceptions of depression and its treatment between Russians and Americans?

More differences in treatment stigma than in stigma about depression itself.

Child Counselor
Planned transition in a student therapy clinic

Lead: Chelle Tran, PhD

What are the effects of planned transitions on clinical outcomes and treatment adherence? 

Generally more missed sessions and some dips in outcomes.

Reading Storybook
Representation of minorities in stories

Lead: Felipe Barba, PhD

Do people identifying as minorities prefer to see their identities reflected in the media?

Sort of, but in some unexpected ways.

Image by Tingey Injury Law Firm
Juror Decision-Making

Lead: Bethany Young, PhD

Does depression influence juror's opinions about culpability and morality?

Depression can influences the decisions made by jurors, but its effects differ depending on the type of decisions.

Information Technology
Mental Health among Indian IT Professionals

Lead: Vidya Bharat, PhD

What do we know about mental health difficulties in the vast population of Indian IT professionals?

IT professionals residing in India struggle with high rates of mental health difficulties, and would prefer digital interventions.

Image by Javier Allegue Barros
Decisions about depression treatment in Latin America

Lead: Ashley Elefant Baratz, PhD

What factors are related to the decision of individuals in Latin America to seek or forgo treatment for depression?

Social support, stigma, suicidality are associated with greater treatment-seeking.

Holding Hands
Internet-Based Safety Plan

Lead: Danielle Spangler, PhD

What do individuals with suicidal ideation think about an automated safety plan tool?

An interactive and self-guided Internet-Based Safety Plan may be a useful tool for individuals at risk for suicide.

Does depression influence decisions about joining clinical trials?

Does depression influence decisions about joining clinical trials? 

Depressed individuals are less rational (more risk-averse) when deciding on acceptable level of risk when joining clinical trials compared to individuals with chronic pain.

Depression Management Course

Can an automated internet intervention help with symptoms of depression?

A fully-automated eight-lesson internet-based intervention for depression can reduce symptoms and improve depression-related self-efficacy, with improvements sustaining over several months. 

MINT: Mood-Improving Internet Tools

Can small, easy to use tool improve mood of individuals with depression? 

Micro-interventions for depression can improve mood and reduce distress, but only in the short-tem. 

Treatment Decisions

What are the factors that go into a person's choice to seek treatment for depression? 

Decisions regarding whether to seek depression treatment are influenced by understanding of treatments, goals for improvement, knowing others in treatment, and various other factors. 

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